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The most common reasons our customers choose to handle assembly of their wood custom pavilion kits themselves may not be what you think. It depends totally on you though. Are you going to have an absolute blast with your friends and family unloading and unpacking the materials, and following the step-by-step instructions. Is this going to be a once-in-a-lifetime party? As long as one of you knows what they’re doing, it’ll be an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Most people that invest in wood pavilions would simply rather spend their weekends relaxing in space under a pavilion rather than putting it up. Also…

If we run the numbers with you and having our crew make the trip with the pavilion kit just doesn’t make sense, we have illustrated assembly instructions and detailed drawings to be used by your local contractor, or by you if you’re confident you can handle it. It’s surprisingly rare these days homeowners go the pavilion kit-only option to save money.

Ensuring You Have A Great Experience

Following a few quick suggestions can help make sure you have an absolutely great experience:

  • Your project manager should be calling to schedule a call with who is going to actually be doing the assembly. If not, please make sure to call us.
  • It’s a great idea to read the instructions ahead of time before the DIY backyard pavilion kit arrives so you can call the shop and ask questions. We have them on file and can email them.
  • This suggestion is not really any different than when we build – it’s super important your footings be in the same place as your pavilion posts. All you have to do is to make sure your drawings match your sales order, and that your footings are made to the specifications on the drawings. If you want to change the specifications for any reason, make sure to discuss with your project manager.
  • If the beams are level, everything goes together nicely. The instructions do not tell you to check the level on your foundation and trim/shim the posts to make sure everything is level.
  • We require 100% payment on kits prior to shipment. On the rare occasion there’s a missing, defective or damaged part, we alway respond right away.

Custom Pavilion Kits – Exceptional Wood Pavilions for Exceptional Value

If what you need is not an “off-the-shelf” design, then you need a specialist that listens to what’s most important to you to create your unique design. We’re not completely reinventing the wheel here. Your unique pavilion will still use the same selection of materials and construction techniques as our models and more standard pavilions. Therefore, not only will your pavilion be exceptional, but it will be an exceptional value as well.

One of our earliest collaborations was a 40’ x 40’ wood pavilion for a winery in Purcelleville, VA, the Barns at Hamilton Station. We had a photo shoot of another structure we had built in Canada which was a 24’ square “gazebo” which had a cupola on it. The owners had seen cupolas before but wanted something more specific – what we now call a “clerestory.” We’ve since completed many more similar in various sizes up to 40’ x 100’.

DIY Wooden Pavilion Kit Details

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Posts and Columns
Posts / Columns


  • 5” X 5” wood treated posts with trim sets


  • Upsize 8” posts, superior post skirts (not available on 8”)

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Cupolas


  • No cupola


  • Vented wood or special order

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Roof Overhang
Roof Overhang / Pitch


  • 7” on 8’ – 14’, 10” on 16’ and above, 6“ – 12” over 12” roof pitch

Wood Pavilion Electrical


  • Electrical customized to customer specifications

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Roofing


  • Architectural asphalt shingles, limited lifetime warranty


  • Ribbed Metal
  • Standing Seam Metal
  • Cedar Shakes
  • Rubber Slate

Wood Pavilion Anchoring Method
Anchoring Method


  • Mounted with 2 heavy duty L-brackets per post, each with ½” x 4” drill-in wedge anchors covered with post base trim

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Ceiling


  • Stained tongue and groove with exposed rafters and your choice of 6 stain colors


  • Beaded Vinyl or tongue and groove under rafters

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Beam Height
Anchoring Method


  • 7’ 10″

Standard Features

  • Unfinished Premium Dried Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine Materials
  • 5” x 5” Actual laminated posts with standard post base trim 
  • Limited lifetime warranty wood (Residential applications) 
  • Limited lifetime warranty architectural asphalt shingles 
  • Designed to local wind, snow and seismic loads
  • Includes all hardware and fasteners 
  • Up to 30’ wide (single roof) surface mounted (Subject to engineer approval and local conditions)

Available Options

  • Posts
    • 8” square posts
    • Superior post skirts (Available for both size posts)
  • Exterior Color Options
    • 6 factory stain colors
    • Prime/paint
  • Cupola
    • Vented in stock. Special order
  • Roofing Options Available
    • Ribbed metal roofing
    • Standing seam metal roofing
    • Rubber slate roofing
    • Cedar shake roofing
  • Additional Options Available
    • No roofing material
    • Electric wiring, outlets, switches
    • Weathervane
    • Wood or composite floor
    • Tongue and groove under rafters

Roof & Stain Colors Available

Shingle Style Options

Aged Redwood
Aged Redwood
Charcoal Grey
Charcoal Grey
Dual Black
Dual Black
Dual Grey
Dual Grey
Dual Brown
Dual Brown
Earthtone Cedar
Earthtone Cedar
Harvard Slate
Harvard Slate

Stain Color Options

Canyon Brown stain
Canyon Brown
Cedar stain
Cinder stain
Oak stain
Golden Oak
Mahogany stain
Mushroom stain

Ribbed Metal Color Options

Bright White
Light Stone
Bone White
Ash Gray
Pewter Gray
Scarlet Red
Barn Red
Colonial Red
Patina Green
Avocado Green
Forest Green
Slate Blue
Gallery Blue
Dark Blue
Copper Penny

Standing Seam Metal Color Options

Sierra Tan
Slate Gray
Musket Gray
Charcoal Gray
Medium Bronze
Mansard Brown
Dark Bronze
Matte Black
Bright Red
Colonial Red
Copper Penny
Hawaiian Blue
Gallery Blue
Classic Green
Hartford Green
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