Custom Retractable Screen Style Pavilion gray background Custom Crafted
This beautiful 16′ x 32′ custom white vinyl pavilion
with 8×8 square posts is for those who like unique.
This beautiful 16′ x 32′ custom white vinyl pavilion
with 8×8 square posts is for those who like unique.

Custom Crafted Pavilions

From small tweaks all the way to fully bespoke solutions.

Most all of our beautiful crafted pavilions are custom in some way once you select your features and options. But some pavilions can be more “custom” than others. Our design consultants will work together with you to understand your vision and guide you toward the best Custom Crafted Pavilion solution. Some clients are looking for a custom crafted pavilion that’s unique to them, and most of the time we can work together to achieve just what you are looking for.

Other times, the degree of customization may have more to do with more practical considerations such as the position relative to doors/windows or landscape features. Our clients use our unmatched photo and drawing library to visualize their custom designed pavilion without the need for costly drawings. Our design consultants will review your space and vision with you to value-engineer your custom pavilion. In nearly all cases, you will have a hard number for your custom pavilion with no up-front investment. Visit our pavilions photo gallery to see more ideas for your pavilion choices.


Tell us a little about the pavilion you are interested in getting for your location. Once you submit this form to us, we will respond within 1-2 business days with a quote!
Building Your Pavilion

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Custom Crafted Pavilions

We offer a very wide array of design features resulting in a truly unique and high-quality pavilion. We will be able to build the pavilion we design with you at a pre-determined cost. (There are many possibilities for under $50 per square foot.)

We have photos and drawings of previous projects available we can share with you.

Here is a list of choices to consider:

Size – Post location or roof size.

  • Custom Pavilions – Beam height.

  • Custom Pavilions – Roof Overhang.

  • Roof pitch.

  • Roof style. Gable/Hip/Shed/Double/Dutch.

  • Ceiling. Tongue and Groove. Vinyl.

  • Roofing.

  • Posts/Columns (from our offering only.)

  • Braces/Arched Beam/No Braces.

  • Cupolas.