Custom Pavilions

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We offer a very wide array of design features resulting in a truly unique and high-quality pavilion. We will be able to build the pavilion we design with you at a pre-determined cost. (There are many possibilities for under $50 per square foot.)

We have photos and drawings of previous projects available we can share with you.

Here is a list of choices to consider:

Size – Post location or roof size.

  • Custom Pavilions – Beam height.

  • Custom Pavilions – Roof Overhang.

  • Roof pitch.

  • Roof style. Gable/Hip/Shed/Double/Dutch.

  • Ceiling. Tongue and Groove. Vinyl.

  • Roofing.

  • Posts/Columns (from our offering only.)

  • Braces/Arched Beam/No Braces.

  • Cupolas.

Custom Vinyl A-Roof 18'x 22' Pavilion
Custom Features & Options

Wood vs Vinyl

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