Simplicity, elegance and durability define our Commercial Picnic Pavilions.


How to get started?

We help people in all stages of their planning process. Some people get in touch with us that haven’t yet raised the money. Others are looking to have their project completed as soon as possible. If you some idea how much space you want to cover, get in touch with us. You can use the form to the right or give us a call to get started. You can keep your costs lowest by sticking with a design we’ve already engineered before.


Our pavilions including assembly start around $25/square foot for a 20′ wide pavilion with 5″ posts and go up $30-$35/square foot range depending on options and size. Wider pavilions tend to have a higher cost per square foot. Depending on how important it is to your organization your pavilion look great decades, you’ll find those prices difficult to beat. We do offer kits on some designs with easy to follow assembly instructions. Roughly 20% of the cost is assembly labor.

Features on all or most of our large picnic pavilions

  • Exposed wood is kiln dried after treatment, usually Premium #1 Southern Yellow pine. It’s Southern Yellow Pine so there’s going to be some splitting but MUCH less than wet treated lumber.
  • Open ceilings. We try to use collar ties instead of truss webbing so there is less obstruction in the ceiling.
  • Laminated posts. Thicker wood materials split badly as they dry. By making the posts out of 4 or 5 2″ thick boards, this is reduced.
  • Pressure treated tongue and groove roof sheathing.
  • 30 year architectural asphalt shingles standard with other options available for extra charge.
  • Finished post trim detail vs more industrial looking exposed metal brackets.
  • Pavilions already engineered up to 40′ wide to help us with pre-engineered pricing.

Options Large Picnic Pavilions

  • 29ga ribbed or Standing Seam metal roof.
  • Clarestory. (Unique double roof.)
  • Cupola.
  • Roof pitches and types.
  • Complete custom per supplied architect drawings.
  •  Larger posts.
  • Cost special order vinyl and fiberglass posts.
  • Electric.

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