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American Landscape Structures Overview

American Landscape Structures provides a wide selection of outdoor pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos across the U. S. Homeowners, municipalities, parks departments, and businesses choose American Landscape Structures because our focus equates to greater value and ease. Whether you’re looking for a pavilion, pergola or gazebo or aren’t sure, your design consultant is your guide to a trouble-free experience toward enjoying your beautiful high-quality outdoor living area.

“Growing up, my Mom and four of us kids lived in a 1,200 square foot 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom home just inside the Washington DC Beltway. Funny thing – back then we didn’t think much about it but we sure did enjoy our back patio. We always looked forward to the spring when we could cook and eat outdoors sitting on that block wall using our TV trays. There were many good memories made out on that back patio.”

Jim Adams, Owner

Jim Adams
Owner – American Landscape Structures

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Now Is The Perfect Time To Create Your Memorable Outdoor Living Space

You’ve worked hard to enjoy the backyard of your dreams. More than that, you want to provide your family and friends with a beautiful and unique space to relax and enjoy spending time with one another. You can practically hear the laughter and good times coming from your new pavilion already. Your job is to dream. Our job is to make that dream become reality.

We’re Pavilion Specialists

From the very first time you connect with us (via phone or online), American Landscape Structures is here to help and serve you. Whether it’s assisting in your best selections, helping you hammer out the details, or anything else you need along the way, consider us your on-call dream specialists.

Relax and Enjoy the Journey

We understand that any construction project can be stressful and overwhelming. We’ve helped hundreds of customers design, build, and enjoy their dream pavilions and we look forward to helping your dream backyard become reality, too.

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