Get The Ideal Finish With A Vinyl Pavilion

Whether it's warmth in the winter, or shade in the summer, you can enjoy the outdoors all year long under a vinyl pavilion.

Vinyl Pavilion

Enjoy Your Backyard All Year Long Under a Vinyl Pavilion

Your home is your own, your vinyl pavilion should be your own as well. First, take your time checking out our resources and envisioning some of the possibilities. When you’re ready to get in touch, your design consultant will be your guide to help you narrow the possibilities based upon what’s most important to you. 

Why Vinyl Pavilions?

With pavilions, your fascia – the boards nearest to your roofing material, and the bottom of your posts in particular are exposed to the elements. Vinyl Pavilions can simply be washed off with soap and water. The wood ceiling is out of the weather and the finish should last many years.

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The Traditional Vinyl Pavilion

The Traditional Model Vinyl Pavilion is by far our most popular due to its elegant attractive design, durability, sturdy construction, and amazing reputation. Most people contacting us now about the Traditional Vinyl Pavilion Model have seen one at a neighbor’s home. There are 1000’s of combinations pre-designed for value and consistency.

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Traditional Vinyl Pavilion
Hampton Vinyl Pavilion

The Hampton Vinyl Pavilion

The most distinctive and dramatic feature of the Hampton Model Vinyl Pavilion is its arched beam. The Hampton is our most “upgraded” model with standard post upgrades, steeper roof, wider roof overhang, and dentil moulding. The only available options are a cupola, electric, and roofing upgrades.

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The Newport Vinyl Pavilion

The Newport Pavilion features a cleaner and simpler design with straight lines, yet is still rich and distinctive. This design started with one request a few years ago, and as more requests came, we now have what we call the Newport Model.

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Newport Vinyl Pavilion
A Frame Vinyl Pavilion

The A-Frame Vinyl Pavilion

Just what is a “Hip”, “A-Style” or “Gable-End” roof? Most of the photos you see in this guide are “Hip” style or 4-sided. Rectangular hip style roof structures have a ridge running the long direction. Square hip style roofs come to a point. “A-Style” and “Gable-End” are synonymous. The “A” stands for the shape above the beams. The structure you see here with the struts is a “gable.”

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DIY Vinyl Pavilion Kits

If you’re outside our service area, or because you’re going to have an absolute blast doing it yourself, DIY backyard pavilions assembly may be for you. We have detailed drawings and illustrated assembly instructions to make the process as easy for you as possible. Everything in your DIY vinyl pavilion kit is pre-cut and securely packed on pallets about 4’ wide and 4’ tall. When the posts and beams are squared up properly, all the pieces fasten together very easily. With good planning and preparation, building your own vinyl pavilion from a kit with your family and friends can be a great memory you can be extremely proud of.

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DIY Vinyl Pavilion Kits

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