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Pavilions, Gazebos & Pergolas

Welcome to American Landscape Structures where we focus on three made-to-order products, Pavilions, Gazebos, and Pergolas. You choose your options when working with a design consultant. There’s plenty to stay on top of to successfully complete hundreds

of outdoor structure projects per year. And because of our focus and commitment to these products, we’re better able to do a great job helping you design your custom made-to-order structure and work through all the nitty-gritty details. Not only do we build excellent quality pavilions, gazebos, and pergolas, but we also help all of our customers refine their designs while getting the most value for their investment.

Assembly Options

There are three assembly options for our structures. You can order pavilions, gazebos and pergolas kits to build yourself. You can hire a local contractor and we can work with them. We also have contractors contact us to help their clients.

In select areas, we offer onsite assembly by expert crews. For each type of structure, there are thousands of configurations available from our standard product line. If you’re looking for something even more unique, or you have a commercial project, take a look at our gallery of prior projects and tell us what you have in mind.

Residential & Commercial Projects

Specifiers, owners and project managers call on American Landscape Structures to build their custom residential pavilions or commercial pavilions, commercial gazebos, or large pergola projects cost-effectively and efficiently. All of our pavilions, gazebos, and pergolas are fabricated indoors and shipped to the job site for assembly with the components pre-cut.

The onsite phase takes between one and four days. The customer takes responsibility for and completing the foundation. We can provide engineered drawings certified in your state.

We have plans and photos of previous projects on file we can share with you with no financial obligation (copyright protections apply). Because of our focus and experience with pavilions, gazebos, pergolas kits and building onsite our clients save thousands of dollars on the custom design process alone.

It’s also much more efficient for the client, that our team that’s handling the pavilion drive the construction details from the beginning.

View Our Projects

For ideas on custom and upscale pavilions, gazebos and pergolas, visit our sister website Pavilions and Gazebos.com to view many of our completed projects. You’ll find several pavilion projects by homeowners with style and design upgrades, out door kitchens and fireplaces that our clients added, and ideas that you might want to include in your upcoming project. We keep adding more projects, so make sure to check back from time to time.