Newport Pavilion gray background Beauty and Shade This beautiful low maintenance vinyl pavilion will protect
this New Jersey family and friends for decades to come.
This beautiful low maintenance vinyl pavilion
will project these New Jersey family and
friends for decades to come.

Beauty and Shade


You’re not at a loss for options when it comes to vinyl and wood pavilions for sale these days. However, the ones we sell at American Landscape Structures are the highest possible quality. This makes our structures an excellent, timeless addition to your backyard or pool area. We also supply commercial pavilions for locations like public parks. We’ve built a huge variety of outdoor shelters in 100’s of backyards, public parks, farms and even in the middle of an enchanting apple orchard. Our buildings add beauty and provide protection from the elements, but most importantly, pavilions allow your friends and family to enjoy more time together outdoors.

Your dedicated design consultant will walk you step by step through each of your design selections so that you’re guaranteed to find the best pavilion to fit for your vision, your space and your budget. You’re never on your own once you start an American Landscape Structures project.

Creating an attractive sheltered space to share with family and friends has never been easier. From the early stages of creating and optimizing your design to drilling down into execution details and completing the job, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Make sure to check out our amazing resources to start on your journey. Download our online catalog, check out our amazing projects section and view our photo gallery with many more examples. Our team is here to help you pick the perfect outdoor pavilion for your space.
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Commercial Pavilions

Your design consultant is your guide to bringing it all together. Not only will they provide your pricing, they can make recommendations to help you pick the best combination of design selections to fit your vision, space and budget. 


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Pavilions for Sale – Which Fits Your Vision Best?

You can buy pavilions in all different shapes, materials and sizes. American Landscape Structures sells and builds pavilions as small as a custom 5′ x 9′ grill pavilion up to a 40′ x 60′ picnic pavilion for a city park. 80% of the pavilions we build are for backyards and most people choose a vinyl pavilion due to the low maintenance and more contemporary style. Still, our wooden pavilions remain a popular classic choice that adds a timeless look to any outdoor space. If you would like to discover more about the benefits of wood vs vinyl visit our Helpful Information Section or give us a call.

Choosing a Standard Pavilion or a Custom Pavilion?

Looking for something more budget friendly? Be sure to ask our sales team about our “best buys” for backyards. These standard pavilions are fantastic for most homes and come in the following standard sizes: 14′ x 18′, 16′ x 20′ and 18′ x 18′. If getting the absolute most pavilion for your money is your number one priority then a Standard Pavilion is where you want to start your search with your design consultant. These outdoor structures cover most applications and are a popular choice.

On the other hand, if you want to cover the most space possible and/or you’re more interested in design elements and functionality in your pavilion then we can help you create a unique structure in a custom design. Clients interested in custom pavilions are looking for a one-of-a-kind pavilion or maybe they have a unique application in mind – such as an outdoor fireplace they want factored in. Whatever your needs, our highly experienced design team can customize your pavilion to match your vision (within reason, of course!). Check out our custom pavilion page for more details on projects, a photo gallery for examples and inspiration.

Assembly: Hire our Team or Do it Yourself?

When you buy one of our pavilions, you will see the pieces are cleanly and accurately cut to length and at the proper angle. We use talented Amish craftsmen who make and package everything onto pallets for transport. The most popular assembly option by far is by our expert factory crews who expertly build your pavilion on your site. They bring the pavilion kit with them and often complete the process in less than one day. It’s ALL they do and our team is so good we haven’t seen them beat when it comes to a quality long lasting pavilion.

Want to assemble it yourself? We have illustrated easy to follow assembly instructions and detailed drawings for you or your contractor who is building your pavilion. It’s normal for contractors to be a bit skeptical initially, but they quickly become believers, and come back again, once they’ve worked with us the first time. A common belief people have is they can build a pavilion from scratch at a lower cost. It’s true, you can always build something cheaper, but you get what you pay for. It’s very hard to compare to our value when you consider the top quality finish of all the materials and the predictability and ease of the build.

If you’re in our on-site-assembly service radius we recommend that you ask for quotes for both assembled and self assembly. Most of the time, when someone wants to assemble it themselves, it’s because they WANT to do it and they’re going to enjoy it. It can be a fun project for a family or group of friends as long as at least one of them knows what they’re doing! Please don’t let anyone mislead you. Building one of our pavilions takes someone with a working knowledge of woodworking and knows what they’re doing. You’ll also need plenty of DIY tools as you can see from the Family Handyman blog post.

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