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The Traditional Hip Roof Wood Pavilion

Wood Pavilions With Unmatched Beauty, Durability and Value

You can spend a lot more on a wood pavilion but you won’t find one better or more nicely built. The pressure treated pine we use is very unique, you could literally drive for 100’s of miles and not find material this clear and smooth.

You really wouldn’t know it’s pressure treated – it’s a very pretty natural blond color before it’s stained or sealed. You can see in our photos how beautiful these pavilions look.

Our savvy customers usually do their homework – many have heard that cedar or redwood are the best species for a pavilion pool side that will stand up to the elements. If you’re referring to natural species alone you’d be right. Cedar and Redwood are great for furniture and siding when properly maintained.

For wood pavilions, especially those designed to be a shade pavilion by a pool, the posts are very close to the ground where it’s more damp and humid. The pressure treated lumber we use has a limited lifetime warranty against deterioration – something no natural species can offer. And it’s beautiful too.

Experience the Benefits

  • Premium pressure treated and dried lumber takes stain/paint right away
  • Lumber is re-milled for a smooth and finished appearance
  • “Premium” means fewer knots and splits
  • Half-Moon braces neatly trimmed for strength and beauty
  • Beautiful and strong tongue and groove roof decking
  • Mounting hardware included for simplicity and safety
  • Can be rated to local wind/snow/seismic loads

Traditional Hip Style Roof Wood Pavilion Details

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Posts and Columns
Posts / Columns


  • 5” X 5” wood treated posts with trim sets


  • Upsize 8” posts, superior post skirts (not available on 8”)

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Cupolas


  • No cupola


  • Vented wood or special order

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Roof Overhang
Roof Overhang / Pitch


  • 7” on 8’ – 14’, 10” on 16’ and above
  • 6“ – 12” over 12” roof pitch

Wood Pavilion Electrical


  • Electrical customized to customer specifications

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Roofing


  • Architectural asphalt shingles, limited lifetime warranty


  • Ribbed Metal
  • Standing Seam Metal
  • Cedar Shakes
  • Rubber Slate

Wood Pavilion Anchoring Method
Anchoring Method


  • Mounted with 2 heavy duty L-brackets per post, each with ½” x 4” drill-in wedge anchors covered with post base trim

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Ceiling


  • Stained tongue and groove with exposed rafters and your choice of 6 stain colors


  • Beaded vinyl or tongue and groove under rafters

Traditional Wood Pavilion Details - Beam Height
Beam Height


  • 7’ 10″

Standard Features

  • Premium Dried Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine – Unfinished
  • 6” over 12” Roof Slope
  • 7” roof overhang up to 14’ wide. 10” 16’ and above
  • Limited lifetime warranty architectural asphalt shingles
  • Choice of 11 shingle colors
  • Standard post size 5” actual
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Tongue and Groove roof decking
  • Designed for local wind, snow and seismic loads

Available Options

  • Posts
    • 8” square posts.
    • Superior post skirts (Available for both size posts)
  • Exterior Color Options
    • 6 factory stain colors
    • Prime/paint
  • Cupola
    • Vented in stock. Special order
  • Roofing Options Available
    • Ribbed metal roofing
    • Standing seam metal roofing
    • Rubber slate roofing
    • Cedar shake roofing
  • Additional Options Available
    • No roofing material
    • Electric wiring, outlets, switches
    • Weathervane
    • Wood or composite floor
    • Tongue and groove under rafters

Roof & Stain Colors Available

Shingle Style Options

Aged Redwood
Aged Redwood
Charcoal Grey
Charcoal Grey
Dual Black
Dual Black
Dual Grey
Dual Grey
Dual Brown
Dual Brown
Earthtone Cedar
Earthtone Cedar
Harvard Slate
Harvard Slate

Stain Color Options

Canyon Brown stain
Canyon Brown
Cedar stain
Cinder stain
Oak stain
Golden Oak
Mahogany stain
Mushroom stain

Ribbed Metal Color Options

Bright White
Light Stone
Bone White
Ash Gray
Pewter Gray
Scarlet Red
Barn Red
Colonial Red
Patina Green
Avocado Green
Forest Green
Slate Blue
Gallery Blue
Dark Blue
Copper Penny

Standing Seam Metal Color Options

Sierra Tan
Slate Gray
Musket Gray
Charcoal Gray
Medium Bronze
Mansard Brown
Dark Bronze
Matte Black
Bright Red
Colonial Red
Copper Penny
Hawaiian Blue
Gallery Blue
Classic Green
Hartford Green
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