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Depending on type sizes run from 8 feet and up every 2 feet.


Who Should We Contact If We Have Questions?

“I Own My Own Business Here On Long Island and Always Appreciate It When I’m Treated the Way I Treat My Own Customers.”

“My new swimming pool project design included a low maintenance vinyl pavilion kit. I came across the manufacturer website and called them for pricing and information for the vinyl pavilion kit I wanted but they referred me to the local dealer on Long Island, some kind of shed company. I called them and had some specific questions on the vinyl pavilion and how things worked. He wasn’t sure or didn’t have the answers to several of my questions and the salesman said he had to get back to me.

I Asked Him All the Same Questions, He Answered Them All Right Away

While I was waiting, Jim Adams with American Landscape Structures responded to a pavilion quote request form I filled out on their website. I asked him all the same questions about my pavilion, he answered them all right away not just on the phone, but he emailed me some photos and drawings that made it easier for me to understand. I knew I wanted to work with him and would have paid a more. But when I finally heard back from the other company, American Landscape Structures was right in line.

Each Time I Contacted Jim, Which Was A LOT He Went the Extra Mile and Got Back To Me Right Away, Just Like I Do With My Customers

The town where I live wanted very detailed information on the pavilion, way more than I expected. I needed a lot of help and Jim and his team were there for me.

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