You’ve Decided You Want a Low Maintenance Vinyl Clad Pavilion – Now What?

Last updated Monday, February 28th, 2022

You’ve Decided You Want a Low Maintenance Vinyl Clad Pavilion – Now What?
Simple Backyard Pavilion, It’s safer in our own backyards

It’s November 2020 – a crazy time in the U. S. Kids are home. Tension is at an all-time high on several levels. And we can’t simply go out and do all the things we used to just take for granted – regardless of what your personal take is on what the risk is of venturing out – we just don’t really know.

One solution many families have taken to relieve stress and literally create more living space is to invest more in their backyards – including a low maintenance vinyl clad simple backyard pavilion to provide protection from sun, rain and snow and a visual centerpiece.

Pavilion Ideas by American Landscape Structures

Beautiful White PavilionAmerican Landscape Structures has successfully completed 1000’s of successful projects by providing personalized backyard landscape ideas across the U. S. You would think over that many transactions, we would have dropped the ball and gotten some bad press. You can scour the internet high and low for bad write-ups. And even though it would be easy enough for a competitor to put some garbage out there about us, there just aren’t any. That pretty much says it all.

That said – being in the industry, it’s easy for us to take for granted how obvious it is to us the advantages of going with a pre-fabricated vinyl pavilion kit. But it may not necessarily be so obvious to you. So let’s drill into some of the challenges head-on. A Wood Pavilion is best suited for resistance from sun and extreme heat.


While no-one wants to pay too much obviously, there’s no more expensive outcome than ending up with an eye-sore in your backyard or ending up with a structure that just doesn’t measure up to the vision you had when you got started. You assumed the trim would be neat and attractive, and that the joints in the ceiling would be clean – it meets the specifications in the contract, but there’s nothing in the contract about finish quality. So while you’re doing your due diligence, make sure you address finish quality. Ideally, they’ve built something similar nearby you can look at up close and see for yourself. Or they can show you detailed photos of their work.


Even working with pre-fabricated vinyl pavilion kits, there are literally hundreds of outlets who have access to the same or similar pavilion designs. If you have the financial means to invest in a pavilion, chances are good – you’re painfully aware of the importance of communication – and what can go wrong when just one important detail is missed. So while you can easily shop around and get different prices – how do you account for the communication factor? Does the person you’re talking to know all the in’s and out’s, all the questions they need to ask you – did they gather everything they need to know from you, and get you all the information you need to execute on your end to ensure when the crew comes to build your pavilion, everything goes flawlessly and your expectations have been exceeded with our DIY backyard pavilion ideas boasting a gorgeous vinyl exterior that you can start using that day? Did you possibly miss out on a design possibility because of not being asked the right questions or lack of product knowledge mainly in the absence of a custom pavilion builder?


One of the most frustrating things dealing with communication is when the other person you’re dealing with simply isn’t accountable. This means you’re left with the consequences of the misunderstanding when they refuse to accept responsibility.


What about the cost and completion date? You agreed to a price and time frame, and there’s a misunderstanding and are having a difficult time coming back to an agreement? Now what? You’ve provided a substantial down payment, your backyard is torn up, and even if you could, starting over with someone else sets you back weeks if not months.

Serving You with Excellence

American Landscape Structures has always placed a very high value on service with excellence. That’s why our customers say such great things about us. We have to be competitive – but if we’re a bit higher than someone selling on price alone, we absolutely guarantee you – we’re going to earn every penny. Contact Us at American Landscape Structures Today.

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