Why Pavilion Kits are Your Best Option

Last updated Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

Why Pavilion Kits are Your Best Option
Why Buy a Pavilion Kit?

After you decide to add a beautiful pavilion to your backyard, or near the pool patio you have pictured exactly how it fits into your space. The advantage of purchasing a kit, instead of an assembled one, is as you start putting the pieces together you can shift it a little to the left or little to the right. The ability to customize your pavilion to your space and securely attach the structure as it goes up is worth the convenience. With our pavilion kits you won’t have the hassle of a huge bulky assembled pavilion being delivered, Instead, you’ll have smaller materials that can be placed right by your project location. Not only will you be able to watch your dream space become a reality, you will feel a great sense of satisfaction every time you enjoy your pavilion.

What is a Pavilion Kit?

A pavilion kit is ready to assemble for you or your building team. You can do this with tools you already have around the house. Your pavilion can be built over a weekend’s time. All of the hardware is included and no cutting or drilling is needed with the pre-drilled holes measured to your specific design. These kits are manufactured with the same high-quality material as the assembled products. The instructions are easy to understand and straightforward, so you will be able to assemble without any problem. Working with precisely built components made to your specifications will make self-assembly a breeze.

The kit will match your personalized design and fit perfectly into your backyard space. There are many design sizes available and can be customized to your space. The most popular sizes are 12’ x 16’, 20’ x 20’, and 16’ x 20’.

Wood Pavilion Kits

The wood pavilion would look great in just about any setting, as it is sturdy, classy, and easy to maintain. It adds function and sustainability to your outdoor space. Durable in inclement weather, it provides shelter from the elements while maintaining an open-air feeling. The wood pavilion is always a great venue to host a pool party in the summer, or a light-up event in the spring.

Outdoor Pavilion Kits

Outdoor pavilions are the perfect fit for hosting parties or weddings, or relaxing with family and sitting outside in the shade. If you are looking for a large permanent area for gatherings, these outdoor kits are for you. You can customize the details to fit almost any area, large or small, fancy or casual. Whether you want to extend off your house or create a special space, these outdoor kits are the perfect fit. Get out of the elements with our outdoor pavilions. A strong and sturdy option personalized to your needs.

Backyard Pavilion Kits

Time outside is time well spent. You can create a retreat away while still staying within the comfort of your own backyard. With this kit you will be able to build right in your backyard, adding to what you already have, or creating a whole new dream space. Your backyard will be the heart of your home, built with convenience in mind. Stable and durable structures, built to stand any weather. String up lights, add a fireplace and you have the perfect backyard oasis.

Timber Frame Pavilion Kits

Timber-framed pavilions give you a true sense of craftsmanship. The timber frames will give your space an earthy and timeless feel. These pavilions are built to last with the best materials, built with your dreams in mind. With an open air plan and the beautiful accents of timber, your options are endless. Cozy up next to a fireplace, out of the weather, and enjoy your book or simply enjoy time with family around the grill.

Vinyl Pavilion Kits

Our vinyl pavilion kits enhance the beauty of your property and can even increase value. There are many different styles and color options to match your home’s siding. Vinyl ensures a crisp, orderly and elegant appearance, a welcoming space for friends and family to make memories for a lifetime. The easy to clean vinyl is virtually maintenance free, they can easily withstand weather and won’t split or decompose. In the comfort of your own backyard, vinyl pavilions provide the ultimate summer respite.

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