Top 4 Gazebo Ideas to Enjoy in Your Own Backyard

Last updated Thursday, September 1st, 2022

Top 4 Gazebo Ideas to Enjoy in Your Own Backyard

What is a Gazebo?

The following is a list of gazebo ideas, but you first need to know what a gazebo is and why you may want one.

A gazebo is an outdoor centerpiece with a solid roof and partially open sides. They are usually a hexagon or octagon shape. In a garden space they are the focal point, when situated on a hill or in an open space they are typically used for shade cover while enjoying the surrounding views.

When considering adding a gazebo to your dream space there are a few things you need to think about before you make the jump. Go outside and look at your current space. Note the design elements on your house, deck, garden or garage. Trying to match these features will give you a seamless transition. Think about size and proportions to make sure your design isn’t too big or too small.

Materials – what materials are available? Do you want a touch of stone or wood for a more natural look? What your budget looks like will also impact the features you add on to your gazebo.

These decisions are best made outside. Sitting in your backyard space, thinking about the vision you see for your dream space. Gathering with friends around a fire, or grilling burgers. Maybe a private escape where you can sit on benches and cozy up in any season. A gazebo is the perfect way to get outside, instead of gazing at it through the window.

What Types of Gazebos are for Sale?

A gazebo is a luxurious addition to any outdoor space. With lots of space in the backyard a hardtop ornate gazebo would be the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony. They provide a beautiful focal point for the wedding.

You can easily decorate a wooden gazebo with flowers for a natural elegant look. A decorated gazebo makes for a lovely spot to take pictures for any occasion. As a garden lover you will enjoy having a gazebo as a peaceful sanctuary. Set up with benches or lounging chairs you can watch birds pass by and enjoy your flowers grow in the summer.

A gazebo can be a great zone for entertainment, a peaceful getaway, or a space to host your friends around a grill for BBQ. The shapes and types of gazebos are as diverse as the activities you can hold inside them.

Wood Gazebo SquareWood Gazebo Ideas

Adding a wood gazebo to your home is a great way to transition from house to backyard. It gives a natural and craftsman feel. Pairing the wood with the natural colors of your garden makes it a great fit. You can go with a more traditional shape like octagon or hexagon, add a bench for sitting and have a private getaway.


Wood offers customization with natural knots and patterns. The longevity of wood will last year after year, today the best quality of wood is picked to build your gazebo. Wooden gazebos can be altered over time to easily be expanded or stained a new color. You won’t have to demolish the entire structure to change the feel or customize as your family grows.

The only downside of wood is the potential that the extreme elements may warp the wood if not properly taken care of over the years. Insects can also negatively impact the outdoor structure if not exterminated as soon as they are noticed. Preventive care is key when you add a wooden gazebo outdoors on your land.

Hardtop Gazebo Ideas

Hardtop gazebos are a great way to protect your outdoor sitting area from rain and the sun. Privacy screens and insect barriers can be added with the right accessories. The roof material is not usually the same as the pillars. This is done on purpose to disperse the weight proportionally to give you the safest gazebo available. It seems that a hardtop may pose some safety issues due to its weight. You can be assured that a gazebo’s top is rarely too heavy for its pillars.

If you want to be safe, make sure the gazebos you buy have wood pillars and thin metal roofs. Hardtop gazebos are the choice for year round use. A common size for the hardtop gazebos are 10 x 12 feet.

People In Hot TubHot Tub Gazebo Ideas

Hot tub Gazebos provide an enclosed personal space for relaxation after a long day so you can disconnect from the world. When you decide to add a hot tub under your gazebo make sure that you can still access filters and other areas needed for maintenance.

There are many ways to easily accessorize your gazebo, adding a string of lights so you can use the area at any time of day. Install speakers for music while enjoying the hot tub.

If privacy is important to you there are a few ways to accomplish this. Making your gazebo a hardtop if your neighbors can see down into your yard, adding curtains or a lattice to still have an open feel but not let everyone see in.

When deciding on where to put your hot tub gazebo, be sure to take in the time of day you plan to use your spa, how you will access it, and the view from the outdoor structure. Spend time outside in your current space to decide how you can add a gazebo over your hot tub.

Grill Gazebo Ideas

Similar to an outdoor kitchen, a grill gazebo is typically designed to keep the grill, table, furniture, and sometimes shelving. Different from a traditional gazebo, the sides are left open so that the smoke can easily escape. The ideal size is 8 x 5 feet, but can easily be customized to your specific outdoor space.

Backyard GrillWith the furniture, guests can be relaxing while you prepare food and grill a variety of meals under the gazebo. Forget running inside for additional ingredients or grilling utensils with the shelving. No need to worry about the smoke because it will escape with the open sides. Most importantly you will have shade in the summer and be protected from the elements all year long. Protecting people and equipment even in the least ideal grilling weather.

It is recommended to store fire extinguishers to protect your gazebo if anything were to go wrong while hosting. With a hardtop grilling gazebo, you can enjoy the look of a gazebo while adding additional functionality. Whether you’re enhancing your backyard patio or deck with a hardtop grill gazebo, there is no better option for grill masters. A gazebo made of durable and ultra-strong materials will be the best investment since you bought your grill.

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