East Islip Vinyl Pavilion Project

Project Description

Style: Vinyl Pavilion
Size: 14′ x 24′
Material: White Vinyl
Year Completed: 2016
Location: East Islip, NY

This simple but elegant 14’ x 24’ vinyl pavilion is another example of how slight modifications can be used to create additional stature and depth without dramatic cost escalations. Fancy models with all the bells and whistles run thousands of dollars more for this size range. Simply increasing the roof pitch slightly and selecting the 8” square posts makes this pavilion stand out and stand up to the luxury of its surroundings.

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Pavilion Project Features

Vinyl Pavilion Project Features

  • 14′ x 24′ Custom Vinyl Pavilion
  • Factory Ceiling Stain – Mahogany
  • 8″ Square Vinyl Posts
  • Engineering with NY Seal/Stamp
  • Premium #1 Kiln KDAT Pressure Treated SYP
  • Tongue and Groove Roof Decking
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Architectural Asphalt Shingles
  • Shingles Color – Weatherwood