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Depending on type sizes run from 8 feet and up every 2 feet.


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Vinyl Pavilions

6 Important Questions About Vinyl Pavilions You Can’t Answer with a Price List.

  • Is a 16′ x 24′ or a 20′ x 20′ vinyl pavilion more cost-effective?
  • Why does the standard post configuration for a 20′ x 20′ vinyl pavilion have 8 posts 6″ posts when almost no one buys it that way?
  • What are two of our most popular sizes that are not in the price list or the online pavilion builder tool?
  • What is the best buy for under $10,000?
  • What “other” potential costs are involved?
  • Why no-one with enough space should buy smaller than a 14′ x 18′ vinyl pavilion.

Due to their appealing design and low maintenance, 70% of the pavilions we provide are clad in vinyl. We keep several expert assembly crews very busy who do nothing but assemble our vinyl pavilions and other structures. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised how reasonable it is to have an expert team assemble your vinyl pavilion. We have illustrated assembly instructions and detailed drawings that make it as easy as it can be for you to assemble the vinyl pavilion yourself from a kit. But don’t let anyone mislead you…someone on the team needs to know what they’re doing. If you’re outside our service area, contractors love building our vinyl pavilion kits and often go on to recommend them to more of their local customers. Visit our pavilion photo gallery for more ideas on what type of structure works for you.

American Landscape Structures offers a very wide selection of standard product line and custom vinyl pavilions. Getting a good look at our resources is a great start; our online catalog, our vinyl pavilion visualizer, and our projects section. Each of these resources will help you better communicate with your design consultant. Vinyl pavilion selection is a very visual process. As your design consultant better understands what’s most important to you, they will email you more specific and detailed images from our extensive library, as well as possibly sketches and drawings.

Your design consultant is your guide throughout the process. They will help you navigate through your selections, logistics, and execution and you are certainly not on your own. If you prefer and enjoy researching subjects on your own, check out our Helpful Information section. There you’ll find discussion on a wide array of relevant topics:

…plus many others.

Call 800-478-0905 or Request a Quote to get the process started.

You may also view or print our pavilion features and options online brochure. We look forward to journeying with you in the upcoming weeks and months and look forward to you joining our many happy customers.

Vinyl Pavilion Design Choices

  • Standard vinyl pavilions color: white, optional almond or clay.
  • Vinyl pavilions limited lifetime warranty wood and vinyl.
  • Solid all pressure treated wood frame construction.
  • Pressure treated and stained tongue and groove ceiling with exposed rafters or optionally enclosed rafters with wood or vinyl.
  • Choice of 6 stain colors and 11 shingle colors.
  • Roof overhang 6″ – 24″.
  • Roof pitch 2″ to 8″ over 12″.
  • Braces – Curved corner braces, arched beam, custom header, no braces.
  • Beam spans up to 24′ with no center post.
  • Post options, square, round 6″ – 12″.
  • Mounting hardware included. No need to sink posts or embed anchors prior to assembly.
  • Basic electric wiring, outlets, switches. (Crews do not connect.)
  • Architectural Asphalt Shingles, metal, rubber slate, cedar.
  • Wide selection of cupolas and weathervanes.
  • 4 pre-engineered vinyl pavilion models to choose from. Lower cost construction and engineering. Shorter lead times.
14' x14' vinyl-pavilion
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