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Depending on type sizes run from 8 feet and up every 2 feet.


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Traditional Wood Pavilions

Our pavilion kits come complete with illustrated assembly instructions and detailed drawings taking the guesswork out of assembling for yourself. If self-assembly doesn’t sound like it’s for you, you can hire our factory crew to assemble it for you. You can save a lot of money arranging for the foundation and permitting yourself.

Have you ever had to finish cooking your steaks or burgers outdoors in the rain? Not fun. You might have already tried one of the cheaper metal/cloth gazebos and had enough of replacing them. It’s time for a permanent solution built to outlast your house. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors more especially if you have an area with constant sun exposure. If you have a pool, you can relax in the shade while still keeping a close eye on the kids that never tire of swimming. If you’re planning an outdoor living room, you can watch the game with friends and gentle breezes and possibly a little chill in the air.

Standard Features: Traditional Wood Pavilions

  • Wood Pavilions – 6″ over 12″ Roof Slope.
  • Wood Pavilions – Hip Style Roof.
  • 5″ (actual) Laminated Posts with base trim.
  • Wood Pavilions – 2″ x 4″ Rafters on 8′ and 10′ wide.
  • Wood Pavilions – 2″ x 6″ Rafters on 12′ – 16′ wide.

  • Wood Pavilions – 2″ x 8″ Rafters on 18′ and 20′ wide.
  • 7″ roof overhang up to 14′ wide.
  • 10″ roof overhang up to 16′ wide and up.
  • 4-Ply 2″ x 8″ Beams.
  • 30 year architectural asphalt shingles.
  • All wood pressure treated.
  • Exposed wood Premium #1 dried lumber.
  • 1″ x 6″ tongue and groove roof decking.
  • Designed to 140 mph wind and 45 lb/sq ft snow loads.
Traditional Wood 14x24 Pavilion
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