Simplicity, elegance and durability define our Large Picnic Pavilions.

What is considered a large pavilion at American Landscape Structures? The answer is, it depends on the setting. From a customer’s perspective, anything bigger than 14′ x 18′ is relatively large for a backyard. This and 16′ x 16′ are our largest standard 4 post models. At American Landscape Structures, we have standard models in our product line up to 20′ x 40′. Items in our product line we already have cut lists allowing us to produce them with great efficiency.

There are two examples of 20′ x 40′ pavilions in the slideshow above. One is our standard vinyl 20′ x 40′ pavilion kit with 6″ posts we provided for Toll Bros. construction. The other is still within the boundaries of our standard product line but has a 5 1/4 over 12 pitch A-frame roof and 7″ posts. There are three of these in the public park in the Borough of Tullytown, PA. One of them was built by local maintenance workers. The other two were assembled by our factory crew. Tullytown also acquired a 32-foot octagon gazebo from us.

No matter how simple or complicated, there are tremendous efficiencies with our pre-engineered pavilion designs and joinery, as well as our design process. There are many variables we can accommodate getting you a hard number prior to money changing hands. As a homeowner, church, club, business or association, you can save literally thousands of dollars on expensive designs from architects and landscape designers. If you or your decision team need a custom visual prior to making a decision, our design fees are extremely reasonable. We usually require a project commitment prior to doing engineering, but do make exceptions. If for some unforeseen reason you aren’t able to get approved, we have reasonable cancellation policies.

If you happen to have a rendering or design from a Landscape Designer or Architect, we can help with that too. They just don’t typically include the shop detail that’s necessary to get them approved by your building department. We can handle the final drawings for you. The largest we’ve built so far is the 40′ x 60′ pavilion with a clerestory, gutters, and standing seam metal roof at Line Lexington Mennonite Church. The 25-foot Octagon custom pavilion we built at a private residence in South Carolina coordinating with the homeowners and a local landscape designer. The homeowners were contracting this project themselves to make the most of their budget.

How to get started?

We have a few examples of large pavilion pictures in our new pavilion catalog. The best way to start is by filling out the form to the right, tell us what you can, and if you’d like, request a catalog using that same form. The catalog will be useful when it comes time to make your final selections if nothing else. Feel free to go ahead and give us a call. It doesn’t really make sense to email out a price until we discuss some specifications and what you and your team are looking for. Cost is always a factor, but if it’s the #1 driver, there are certainly cheaper ways to build outdoor pavilions than the way we do it.

Features on all or most of our large picnic pavilions

  • Exposed wood is kiln dried after treatment, usually Premium #1 Southern Yellow pine. It’s Southern Yellow Pine so there’s going to be some splitting but MUCH less than wet treated lumber.
  • Open ceilings. We try to use collar ties instead of truss webbing so there is less obstruction in the ceiling.
  • Laminated posts. Thicker wood materials split badly as they dry. By making the posts out of 4 or 5 2″ thick boards, this is reduced.
  • Pressure treated tongue and groove roof sheathing. You can reduce cost by selecting plywood or OSB, but most of our pavilions have 1″ x 6″ TG roof decking.
  • 30 year architectural asphalt shingles standard with other options available for extra charge.
  • Finished post trim detail vs more industrial looking exposed metal brackets.
  • Pavilions already engineered up to 40′ wide to help us with pre-engineered pricing.

Options Large Picnic Pavilions

  • 29ga ribbed or Standing Seam metal roof.
  • Clarestory. (Unique double roof.)
  • Cupola.
  • Roof pitches and types.
  • Complete custom per supplied architect drawings.
  •  Larger posts.
  • Cost special order vinyl and fiberglass posts.
  • Electric.

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