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The purpose of the Envision Pavilion Visualizer is for you to imagine; to Envision what a pavilion would look like in your back yard right on your computer. Send us your photo or try it out yourself on your computer. When you click on the green pavilion visualizer button above, it’s not just a page that starts loading. The tool itself loads so it can use your computer’s processor and memory. It takes 15-20 seconds to load depending on your internet connection. Current mobile devices do not have the memory capacity for manipulation of 3D objects.

From here, you may want to start with using one of the stock images and get a feel for how the tool works. With the stock backyard images, the scaling and perspective are already set. If you have pictures of your backyard on your computer, you can go ahead and upload your photo as long as the scene is level and relatively free from obstacles. When you upload your photo, you then set your scale and perspective so your 3D pavilion images looks the most realistic in your photo.

Continue to follow the prompts and instructions on the screen as you go along and call us if you need help. We’re still working on our video library to coach you along. And you always have the option of emailing us your photo at

With Envision, you can create an account, save your project, and come back to it later. Add Belgard brand pavers too. You can print out your image and share with friends.

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