Patio Covering Options with Pavilions and Pergolas

Last updated Friday, November 18th, 2022

Patio Covering Options with Pavilions and Pergolas

When is a patio more than a patio? When you make it more! Adding a covered space like a pavilion can do just that. What was once an unused area of the yard can become your new favorite hangout. But which type of shelter works for you?

Patio covering options run the gamut. Choosing can sometimes be hard. Home improvement shows, magazines and websites are never short of ideas. Your budget, style and timeline will come into play. Friends and relatives may weigh in. But you make the decision! This is your patio party.

Here at American Landscape Structures, we know the difference a patio cover can make. We’re lucky enough to see our pavilions, gazebos and pergolas transform regular yards into retreats. Need assistance? Our team is ready to answer any questions. Let us help you get the patio cover you deserve!

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Let’s turn that dream into a reality with our vinyl pavilion kits or by helping you design your perfect gazebo, or pergola today.

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Outdoor Living Space

The opportunity to truly live begins when you make the most of your patio. Can this one change offer so much enhancement? YES! According to the U.S. Forest Service, just being outside contributes to better mental and physical health. Simply step outside on your patio for these benefits.

A patio may be just some stones on the ground. But a covered patio with a pavilion can be an extension of the home. Use your existing patio as a blueprint for a whole new space. Create that outdoor living space you’ve envied… this area can be designed exactly like you want.


These items take first place in two categories: budget and simplicity. Umbrellas are affordable. Even if you want to splurge on a tricked out model, it won’t break the bank and can be found at any hardware or home store.

Setting up an umbrella is usually easy. You’re not waiting for materials, contractors or weather conditions. Open your umbrella up once it arrives. Opening one of these babies up can give you coverage in minutes.

Although umbrellas aren’t the strongest option, they can add instant appeal. Colors and fun patterns abound. Versatility is nice too. When the sun moves, so can the umbrella.


Don’t automatically dismiss this category. Forget about that candy-striped barbershop awning. Today’s awnings deserve a double take and there are many reputable vendors that sell them.

These covers provide patios sizeable coverage. There are materials and construction styles that are built to last. Aluminum and outdoor fabrics are ideal. You aren’t stuck looking at awnings that stay put.

Consider going retractable. You get the best of both worlds. Part of the awning is mounted to your house. The larger part can be tucked away until needed. High-end motorized models feature remote controls.

Artisan Wood Pergola Pergola Patio

Pergolas from American Landscape Structures aren’t just for multi-million dollar listings. Of course, some of these patio covers can be over the top. But there are other more affordable versions.

Move over kitchen! This backyard structure can be the new heart of the home. Outdoor space now extends. Pergolas are basically a 3D invitation for fun. Set the stage for parties, barbecues, heart to hearts and more.

Wondering what a pergola looks like atop a patio? Just flip through any landscaping magazine. Materials and hues vary widely. You can choose what works with your home’s style. The right pergola plays up your property’s features.

Hampton Vinyl Pavilion Pavilion Patio

Nothing quite says outdoor elegance like a pavilion, especially one from American Landscape Structures. These impressive places aren’t limited to grassy knolls. If you’ve got a patio, you’ve got the space.

Spend time enjoying, not maintaining. One of the bestselling features is upkeep, or lack of it. These covers keep their good looks, even in harsh climates. High quality pavilions last.

Beauty and strength with one of our pavilions is a worthwhile investment and the best out of the four options here.

Things to Consider

Think your outdoor space could use some definition? Ready to add coverage to your patio? Move things along by considering your:

  • Climate. Live in a sunny locale? You may want to dedicate more time and money to this space than a North Dakota resident would.
  • Costs. Sticking to a budget can be irritating. Stay the course. Don’t be tempted to go rogue.
  • Needs of Household Members. Keep those who plan on using this area in mind.
  • Style. Your choice should gel with your home’s vibe.
  • The End Game. Once the new wears off, what main activities will this area house?
  • Your Timeframe. Plan ahead if you want a finished patio cover for an upcoming event.


Finances can be the dark side of home improvement. Keeping track of expenses may not be glamourous. But it can save you tons of cash, so it’s worth the effort. Do your research ahead of time. Determine a reasonable budget. Then stick with it. This process isn’t as evil as it’s made out to be.

Budgets can go overboard all too quickly. Take control of the numbers, or the project could overwhelm you. Being the boss means bringing your project in on budget.

A budget for a patio cover needs to include everything- materials, labor and wiggle room. The more wiggle room, the better. You don’t want to put the project on hold because of overspending.

Patio Purpose

How will this area be used most often? Define this target before deciding on a cover. No patio has to be a one-trick pony. But keep in mind the primary reason you want this space.

Dreaming of hosting the best parties on your block? A pavilion could be the best choice. An outdoor sound system turns your patio into a dance-floor.

Whatever you choose can be an amazing addition to your property. Don’t let excitement take over. Give yourself time to explore your options. Taking this effort will help you get what you really want. American Landscape Structures can help from start to finish.

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