Outdoor Wooden Garden Bars For Pavilions

Last updated Friday, September 23rd, 2022

Outdoor Wooden Garden Bars For Pavilions

Have you ever wanted your very own bar? Have you ever thought of building a bar in your own backyard for entertaining guests?
If the answer is yes to either question, an outdoor wooden garden bar may be for you!

What is an Outdoor Wooden Garden Bar?

An outdoor wooden garden bar is yet another new and modern alternative to the “Man Cave” trend. It is exactly what you’d think it is – a bar built outside the home, yet still located on your own property. It can be built alone and free-standing or incorporated into a man cave type area.

Creating your own outdoor bar is a great way to bring the fun to you, where you can socialize with neighbors and friends. You can make the space fun, unique, and perfectly suited to your own style.

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Outdoor Wood Bar Ideas

Your outdoor garden bar could be simple or extravagant. Kits are available to build your bar, or, if you have the skills and tools, you can build it from scratch on your own.

Once built, the fun begins. You can get the ball rolling and make it into your dream entertainment space with some beginning steps, such as:

  • Create comfortable seating areas with bar stools or chairs
  •  Stock your bar with all your favorite liquors, soda, canned beer, or even a beer tap to a built-in kegerator or cooler
  • Don’t forget the music! Add a system to give just the right amount of popular music
  • Personalize your bar with fun signs and décor
  • Have games such as cribbage and dice available
  • Have fun with it and come up with your own creative ideas to personalize your new bar to your own personal tastes

What Wood is Best for Outdoor Bar Tops?

Since your outdoor bar is meant to be, well, outdoors, it’s important to choose high quality wood, especially for the bar top.

Your garden bar has to be able to withstand serious damage from many elements of nature, such as:

  • Rain, snow, or other moisture sources
  • Heat and cold weather fluctuations
  • Wind that causes tree branches to fall

Your outdoor bar also has to withstand “other” types of damage, such as from:

  • Your fun younger brother Eric* and his dancing moves, some of which will likely take place on the bar.
  • Your clumsy neighbor Ed*, who is almost guaranteed to spill his drink on the bar at least once a night.
  • Your adorable niece Maddy*, who has a problem with keeping the pen on the paper and not on the surface below.

You get the picture.

*Disclaimer: Eric, Ed, and Maddy are fictional characters and do not represent any real friends or family.

Using a strong, dense hardwood is your best option for an outdoor bar top. It is also extremely important to use a high quality sealant over the wood for the highest level of protection. Building it the right way from the beginning with quality materials and careful weather-proofing will ensure that your outdoor wooden garden bar will last for many years.

…So What Type of Wood Would be Best for Your Bar Top?

Many experts would say that the best wood for the job would be either teak or walnut. Other good options include white oak, mahogany, and cedar. You can use other types of pressure-treated wood as well, but make sure you do your research on what would work best in your area.

And regardless of what type of wood you use, don’t forget to put a finishing sealant coating. All wood needs some additional protection from nature.

How Thick Should a Wood Bar Top Be?

The wood bar top thickness depends upon the wood used, but should be a minimum of ¾” thick, although a better option would be 1-¾”. You want it to be strong, safe, and well supported to be able to hold drinks, food, cell phones, and the occasional elbow.

How Wide Should an Outdoor Bar Top Be?

Your outdoor bar top can be as wide as you want it to be, but as a rule, the outdoor bar top should be a minimum of 12” wide. Most outdoor wooden bars are between 12” and 20” wide, while most commercial bars are wider at 20” to 30” or more. The more width you allow for, the more space you will have to work with to make drinks and play games.

What Other Materials are Good for an Outdoor Bar?

When building the bar itself, be sure to keep in mind that some materials last longer and are more reliable than others. Dense treated wood with a good coating of sealant is always a good option.

You can also use other materials such as bricks, corrugated metal, stone, or concrete to give you the look you want as long as the structure itself is strong enough.


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