Wedding Venues

For the officiant and the couple to fit INSIDE the gazebo,, you’re going to need at least a 16′ gazebo. Most wedding gazebos are either Octagon shape or what we call “Oval” which is an Octagon with two sides longer than the other 6. Oval gazebos have a bigger opening in the front. A larger oval gazebo can also be customized to eliminate two of the posts to make it even more open to accommodate a small wedding party.

The second scenario is to accommodate the entire wedding party. This requires a larger gazebo, typically 20′ or greater across. More likely 24′ or greater.

The third is to have a small gazebo behind the wedding party as a decoration.

Another popular structure for wedding venues are larger pavilions. Whether you own your own tent or use a rental company, there are substantial advantages to having a more permanent pavilion not the least of which is attracting more weddings to your facility. Another advantage is putting more money in your pocket.You can only get so much for a tent rental which are in plentiful supply. A pavilion has more value to the people holding the event no matter what it is.

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