Thanks to satellite radio and cable television, we don’t have to listen to as many ads as we used to. Since the dawn of television, we’ve been inundated with images and promises of “Lowest Price Guaranteed”, “Best Quality”, , or “100% Lifetime Warranty.”

Now that you can upload your music selection into your car stereo, you no longer have to endure announcers yelling at you like you’re an idiot. I supposed they do that because maybe it still works and maybe it does, I don’t know. Whatever the case, we like to give our customers credit for more intelligence than that. You’re spending a lot of money for a pavilion, gazebo or pergola that’s going to be in your yard for a very long time. Let’s start off by talking about three questions every one of our customers has on their minds:

  1. I don’t want to pay to much.
  2. I want the product AND service to exceed my expectations.
  3. I want to know that if I have a problem it’s going to be taken care of fairly.

Let’s address each one of those individually.

  1. Price. Your’e not buying an F150 Ford Pickup truck or a Sony Blu-ray player where you can buy the IDENTICAL model several different places and frankly, it doesn’t much matter much where you buy it from. With gazebos, pergolas and pavilions, even if the people you’re talking to say they’re the manufacturer, there are many different quality levels out there. IF you have a top quality product, you can’t have both the best quality AND the best price ALL THE TIME. Business just doesn’t work that way.
  2. Quality. Talking about high resin content and claiming to use better materials doesn’t make it so. Yes, most gazebo builders use higher quality vinyl than what you would find at a big box lumber yard. They have to. We have zero call-backs on our vinyl material after 20 years. I’d put our fit and finish up against anyone. You don’t need to pay 100’s to 1000’s more to get great quality. 
  3. The Better Business Bureau provides you with a lot of assurance. Reviews can be faked. A business can’t get rid of an unresolved complain at the Better Business Bureau. It’s easy and inexpensive to get posted on the Better Business Bureau website. So you might ask yourself why someone wouldn’t have their business listed there. We sell 100’s of structures each year averaging $7,000 – $8,000 and have zero complaints. We think that means something. We also have 33 VERIFIED reviews from our customers on TrustPilot. Anyone that’s been in business for 6 months should be able to give you a reference and we’re happy to do that if it helps you feel better. But 33 is a meaningful number. If we had complaints, we wouldn’t be able to get them off of Trustpilot. We’d have to do as others have done and take it down.

We welcome you to challenge us with any questions you have regarding our quality, our service, our warranty and our pricing. We don’t do “puffery” because, well, we don’t want to insult your intelligence frankly. It might work on some customers, or maybe a lot we don’t know. We’re proud of our business and the people that engage with us typically want to do business with us. I’m sure we lose a sale here and there, but we just think these days people have had enough of false promises.