American Landscape Structures specializes exclusively in made-to-order built-on-site landscape structures from shop-made kits built by our factory crews, by homeowners or by local contractors. Our national reach allows us to focus ONLY on pergolas, pavilions and gazebos not sheds, room additions, furniture, etc. which means we have the focus and know how to help you get the job done right.

At American Landscape Structures, most of our customers are trying to save money with an efficiently designed and constructed shop-built kit and our very low overhead overseeing some of the tasks themselves. Because of transportation costs, it’s less costly to get someone local to help with your foundation. You’ll be working with us on the phone and email. We have a questionnaire will all the necessary questions and will provide the instructions and information for your size and type structure.

What is required for a foundation varies by municipality, but we will guide you through that process. We provide the mounting hardware to keep your landscape structure secure.

Here are a few questions that will come up in your conversation with us:

  • What is in the space now? Is there a deck or patio there already or are we starting with a blank slate?
  • Have you contacted your building department yet about what local requirements they may have?
  • What are the wind and snow conditions in your area? The requirements in South Buffalo are going to be different than Virginia Beach (or San Jose.)

Some projects are very simple for which we already have instructions prepared. Others may be more complicated such as an elevated gazebo attached to an existing deck. We recently sent a gazebo kit and bridge up to Massachusetts with that was engineered with 3 to 4 foot pillars attached to the top of concrete footers. If the site is uneven as this one is, we can help you determine what is required.

We look forward to helping you with your planning process. We’re here to help make things go as smooth as possible and avoid unnecessary surprises.