How do you know you’re going to get a great result and great value no matter who you’re buying from? 

  1. Volume matters for two reasons. At higher volume, we can buy better and our production operating costs are lower. That’s one reason. The second reason volume matters is in the details. Did you know that for a fairly standard structure, there are 20 different line items on a factory work order and 12 items on the checklist with the customer? That’s for a straightforward order without many twists and turns. With the number of structures we do each week, at an average of $8,000 each, you can imagine how difficult it could be to maintain an impeccable rating with the BBB and for there to be no verified negative reviews. A provider that does a few projects each Spring likely does not have the same level of expertise and focus.
  2. Reputation – Reviews and references. Since anyone that’s been in business any length of time can provide a few references, this does not provide the assurance you might think. Dozens of verified reviews on the other hand are harder to come by. You can ask us about any of our reviews and with that customer’s permission, put you in contact with them. 
  3. Claims of superiority. Think about this. If you’re in charge of marketing for a company and you’re trying to get top dollar for a product, what are you going to say in your marketing materials? You’re going to say you have the best product, right? “You get what you pay for,” is only true sometimes. No matter who it is, if someone claims to have a superior product, they should back those claims up with specifics that matter to you. Just because it’s priced $2,000 higher does not mean the quality is better. Feel free to discuss with us any specific design feature or material specification you like. There is nothing substantive is competitors’ claims of superiority. We each have some minor advantages of our own.
  4. Lowest price guarantees. No one wants to pay too much and given an apples to apples comparison, we come out on top a lot of the time. The fact is, there have been plenty of times we’ve taken sales from companies that promoted they guaranteed the lowest price but they wouldn’t match our offer. It’s sales puffery.
  5. Warranty. In the landscape structure industry, everyone’s warranties are very similar if you read the actual warranty. It may say 100% Lifetime Warranty but that’s not what it means if you ready their actual warranty. Again, it’s sales puffery. Does 100% Lifetime Warranty mean to you that the entire structure is warranted under all (or even most) circumstances for as long as you’re alive?
  6. Responsiveness. You’re on a 30-90 day journey with whoever you choose and there are a lot of details to see to. It’s very helpful if you can rapid responses to both phone calls and emails. Most people are very busy these days, so access to your project coordinator on your schedule is important as well.
  7. Structural Integrity. Of course you expect your pergola, pavilion or gazebo to be beautiful. It also needs to meet the local wind, snow, and seismic loads in your area. Dealing with a knowledgeable experienced design consultant and project coordinator will help you make sure your landscape structure stands the test of time in your local conditions.
  8. Economy lines. There is certainly a market for inexpensive gazebos. Suncast and “Gazebo in a Box” products are different in many ways. They may be suitable for your application and budget. Just make sure you know what you’re getting and if it meets your local requirements.