“What kind of wood do you use?”

Most people when they think of pressure treated pine they think of the green colored lumber their deck or fence was made of because that’s all they’ve seen. You could literally drive for 100’s of miles without finding a lumber yard that carries Premium #1 Kiln Dried After Treatment Southern Yellow Pine. Many of the places where we use this material, pressure treatment isn’t even required. It’s been used in Amish-built gazebos for years. There are a number of reasons why we use this material and why you should specify it particularly for your pavilion:

  • This lumber has much fewer knots than #2 and is a light blond color prior to finishing.
  • Takes stain and finish right away. You may have heard that with pressure treated lumber you have to wait several months to finish it. That’s because of the high moisture content. The stain won’t absorb into wet pressure treated lumber until after it has dried.
  • You’ll have much less cracking and twisting. With wet lumber, as it dries, it distorts quite a bit putting pressure against the fasteners and brackets. Like most pressure treated lumber made today, it’s guaranteed not to rot for as long as you own your home in above ground applications. If your posts have to be buried, we will make sure to use below ground rated material.
  • Easier to work with and less waste. Big knots, warping, bowing and twisting make wet lumber harder to work with some of the lumber having to be thrown away. Not only do you get a better quality material, the labor component is lower because of not having to force the wood into place. As you can imagine, it just wouldn’t do to have a kit with warped parts. We’d go broke sending out replacement parts.