American Landscape Structures specializes exclusively in made-to-order built-on-site landscape structures from shop-made kits built by our factory crews, by homeowners or by local contractors. Our national reach allows us to focus ONLY on pergolas, pavilions and gazebos not sheds, room additions, furniture, etc. which means we have the know how to help you avoid common problems related to permitting.

“Is a permit required for my gazebo – pergola – pavilion?”

While minimum building requirements are determined by national and international codes, standards are set and enforced on a local level. Some areas only require permits on structures over 150 square feet. Others you need a permit for a dog house.

“What is required to get a permit?”

This is a question again for your local municipality. We’ll walk you through what to look out for. It’s a good idea to ask specifically about what kind of drawings if any, and footers. You don’t usually have to have your permit in hand before money changes hands but you should definitely know what it’s going to take to get your permit.

 “What are the different kinds of drawings that may be required?”

  • A plat may be required to show where the structure goes relative to your home, other structures, swimming pools and your property line. If you don’t have one, the municipality where you pay your taxes should have it.
  • A construction drawing simply shows how your structure goes together. There is a $100 – $200 charge for custom structures. Standard product line structure drawings we complete at no charge if we don’t have them on file already.
  • Engineered Drawings are $800 and up depending on the size of the structure. These will have a seal on them by an engineer certified by the state. They’re only required in roughly 15% of the cases.
  • It’s possible that no drawings will be required.

 “What about my down payment if I’m not able to get a permit?”
The fact is, it happens sometimes. It’s usually a zoning issue or something to do with proximity to a property line or the % of impervious area on your property. If you aren’t able to get a permit and you’ve already placed a down payment, we don’t charge you any admin or processing fee. The only amount that is not refundable is if we prepared engineered drawings for you or in the case of larger projects, the amount specified in your term sheet. That amount will be on your order or term sheet and is non-refundable.