American Landscape Structures specializes in Semi-Custom Made-To-Order Pavilions, Pergolas, and Gazebos. Pavilions are rapidly becoming the most popular. Our design consultants have managed literally hundreds of pavilion projects and are subject matter experts. Whether you’re a contractor, a homeowner, or run a garden center, our design consultants will help make the process easier and more trouble free for you.

With our design process, you enjoy these 4 advantages:

  1. You’re not paying to “re-invent the wheel.” It takes time to figure out the joinery and cuts to build your pavilion. While from a carpenter’s standpoint, it’s just framing. Since much of the material is visible, it also requires the precision of millwork or trim carpentry.
  2. You’re not paying thousands of dollars to design what is fundamentally a relatively simple structure. Chicken-scratch drawings can work, but can result in unsatisfied expectations. CAD drawings cost money to create from scratch. The joinery has to be figured out in addition to what the pavilion is going to look like. Also, many times the person doing the drawings and the people building the pavilion are disconnected.
  3. We have a library of thousands of pictures and drawings already on file for inspiration. We may not have EXACTLY the combination of material, size and features you’re looking for. But we have enough so most likely when we get to YOUR drawings, we can hit the nail on the head the first time.
  4. Using our catalog, you don’t pick out your model per se but rather, you look at the pictures of our previous projects for inspiration. 80% of the optional features are listed in the back of the catalog. There are more options available that are not listed. For example,  an 18″ or 24″ overhang or having the ceiling underneath the rafters instead of on top.

There is a list of steps to consider when designing your patio:

  1. First of all, if you’re designing a patio, outdoor living room, or outdoor kitchen, keep in mind that even though you might not be including a pavilion right away, you may want to add it next year. If you talk to us when you’re planning your patio, it can make it a LOT easier down the road.
  2. Understand your space and what you want to put in it. Mark the area with stakes, paint, or if you already have a patio, chalk or markers. Once you understand your space and have the measurements, we can help you over the phone and email to determine what size and overhang makes the most sense for the space.
  3. It’s OK if you want to call us to get a general idea of cost when you don’t have all your decisions made. We have these discussions all the time and people call us months or even years later to order or continue the discussion. Our average sale for a kit is about $7,000. (Standard 12′ x 16′ Vinyl Pavilion Kit with Electric Kit.)
  4. Regarding cost, be careful with online automatic pricing tools. There are A LOT of variables which is why we don’t have them. It’s just way too easy to miscalculate. When customers call us, we get them what they need and are always respectful with the manager and frequency with which they would like to be communicated. Don’t be worried about calling us and getting the hard close. We just don’t do that.
  5. Material. ROUGLY speaking, vinyl is 20-25% more than stained wood but even though the framing is very similar, the trim and appearance are quite different.
  6.  Style/options. We have a 28 page pavilion catalog with lots of examples for inspiration. We also regularly update our website with new pictures. Here are the most common choices listed in the back of the catalog. We won’t go into detail about what is standard optional here. That’s also in the back of the catalog.
    1. Posts/Columns.
    2. Ceiling.
    3. Roof Pitch.
    4. Cupola. (Optional.)
    5. Overhang.
    6. Post Configuration. (20′ and above have center posts as standard.)
    7. Roofing material.
    8. Electrical. (We don’t install lights/fans.)
    9. Arched Beam. (Vinyl only.)
  7. As you can see, when it’s shown in such simple concise list, there are only so many choices to make yet you have enough variations so you can design something unique to you.
  8. Drawings. Construction drawings are included in the base price of your pavilion, so once we’re agreed on your selections and you make a financial commitment, we’ll get your pavilion drawing for you. It will, of course, include the precise post-center locations for you to use to install your foundation.