American Landscape Structures specializes exclusively in made-to-order built-on-site landscape structures from shop-made kits built by our factory crews, by homeowners or by local contractors. Our national reach allows us to focus ONLY on pergolas, pavilions and gazebos not sheds, room additions, furniture, etc. which means we have the focus and know how to help you get your kit done right.

Our kits come with illustrated assembly instructions. The most common questions we get are:

  • What is included?
  • What is pre-assembled?
  • How will it be delivered?
  • Is building a gazebo, pergola or pavilion myself from a kit right for me?
  • How long does it take to assemble?

“What’s included?” Everything you need is included with very few exceptions. Since there are so many nail and staple guns out there and they’ve become so popular, we don’t include the roofing fasteners, or if your roof is to be stick-built, the nails or staples to fasten down your tongue and groove sheathing. Everything else is included including the mounting hardware.

“What is pre-assembled?” Our goal is to make the kit easy to assemble without the pieces being too heavy. For example, some octagon and oval gazebos have the shingles already installed other than the cap shingles. Above 12 feet, the roof panels are too heavy. On rectangle gazebos and pavilions the shingles are not installed in the factory. IF the panels are pre-assembled, those panels would be too heavy with shingles on them. In the case of rectangle structures with shingles we usually recommend the stick built configuration other than the smallest of units. The reason is that the panels are very heavy to elevate, lift overhead and then anchor into place. Bolt holes and where location is critical (not always,) screw holes are pre-drilled. Railing sections for gazebos are pre-assembled. Don’t worry, it’s not like a balsa wood airplane kit.

“How will the kit be delivered?” We have several options available. If you’re within 250 miles of the factory, or first choice for your convenience is to have it delivered on a tilt trailer. That way we can slide it off the back on your drive way or if possible next to the site. The kits are heavy and long so a mule doesn’t work but on the smallest of kits. Many of our customers break the pallet and unload the pieces. The trucking company will coordinate the timing with you so you can have enough people on hand to get everything unloaded. We’ve sent kits this year all the way to California and Florida.

“Is building a pavilion, pergola or gazebo from a kit right for me?”

Someone on the assembly team in the case of gazebos and pavilions should have carpentry experience or at be fairly handy. Pergola kits require little more than patience if you have some extra help to hold the posts while you get the beam sets. If you’re fairly handy (and honest with yourself,) as long as you allow yourself enough time assembling your kit should be an enjoyable experience. Common sense is a very helpful quality as our kits are exceedingly simple. Rare as they are, if there is a problem related to one of our kits, it’s usually related to over-thinking the instructions. Only occasionally is there a problem with the kit. If there is, we will make it right.

Pergola and octagon gazebo kits are our easier kits to put together and therefore more suitable for do-it-yourselfers.

“How long does it take to assemble?” The short answer is that most kits (250 sqft or less) can be completed in two days with the right combination of the factors below. A small pergola or octagon gazebo can be done in a day but the amount of time it takes to assemble any kit depends on a number of factors:

  • Skill and aptitude.
  • Fitness
  • Weather
  • Work Focus (vs chatting and taking your time.)
  • Site readiness
  • Preparation

There are some specifics to consider on any project. A double roof is very heavy and takes time to get up safely. EZ Breeze windows can take a day to install on Rectangle shaped gazebos (not as long on ovals and octagons.) Electric, mosquito netting and screen packages add a little time. With a higher pitched roof, it takes longer to install the shingles. Talk to your design consultant about the specifics related to your project and we will absolutely shoot you straight to help you come up with a reasonable time-frame.