We contribute our success to our “give first” beliefs and actions. One of the great things about doing business with American Landscape Structures is the knowledge that you’re doing business with people that give back. ESPECIALLY during our formative years, we decided that the time to make a difference is NOW. We believe that giving is a universal principle that works no matter what your particular faith. The primary way we give is by providing scholarships to Cathedral Academy in North Charleston, SC. There are obviously a lot of places we could give. We chose Cathedral Academy because of our heart to support Kingdom Education.

We believe that by investing in Christian Kingdom Education, we’re making an investment that will have the highest return. Whether a child is able to spend one year at Cathedral Academy or ends up graduating, we know that child (or young adult) is going to go on to make a tremendous difference in the world affecting countless lives. In 2015 – 2017 the company contributed over 15% of its profits providing the equivalent of 3 full scholarships per year.

Our staff have mentored foster care students from North Charleston High School through the Carolina Youth Development Center mentoring program.

We have provided a new GMC HD3500 Diesel Pick Up Truck to the bread basket and veterans ministries at Cathedral of Praise. The truck is used 4 days a week to pick up and deliver food. The truck is also used for a project converting a local motel to a shelter – Patriot Villas –  for homeless veterans.

While we absolutely love giving, it is our full expectation that it will come back to us in this life or the next.