A gazebo, pergola or pavilion is not only a larger purchase, but a somewhat complicated process as well, especially if you want to be more involved rather than turning it completely over to a contractor.  You have several choices to make:

  • Pergola, Pavilion or Gazebo
  • Shape – Octagon, 12-sided, Rectangle, Custom (we’ve done hexagons)
  • Size
  • Wood or Vinyl
  • Wood or composite deck, concrete, existing deck, hardscape
  • Assembled in the plant or build on site
  • Screened, open or Vertical 4-track windows in the case of gazebos
  • Railing style
  • Brace style
  • Ceiling material
  • Shingle material
  • Shingle color
  • Floor material and color
  • Stained, painted, or unfinished in the case of wood
  • Stain or paint color
  • Optional Ivory Vinyl Color

We are including this section as an area to provide customers that like to do lots of research with the additional information they need to feel comfortable making up their minds. We’ll continue to add on as information becomes available.