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Depending on type sizes run from 8 feet and up every 2 feet.


Post style, braces, cupola etc.
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Octagon Wood Gazebos

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Wood Gazebos Kits Specifications

  • Limited lifetime warranty wood and vinyl.

  • Nationwide shipping.

  • Available as kits, factory assembled or assembled on site.

  • Kits pre-cut with pre-assembled sub-assemblies and illustrated assembly instructions. (depends on size and shape.)

  • Functional and proportional Cupola and floor come standard. (optional without.)

  • Premium #1 Pressure Treated Kiln Dried after treatment Southern yellow pine – the best you can get. (Actually, you can’t buy it in a store.)

  • Our vinyl is guaranteed not to chalk, yellow or crack. It’s been in the field for years and there just aren’t claims.

  • Our composite floor decking standard on vinyl gazebos, optional on wood also has been in the field for years and weathers extremely well compared to even more expensive decking.

  • 30-year architectural asphalt shingles standard.

  • Pressure treated tongue and groove roof sheathing. (Stain is standard on vinyl.)

  • 4” x 4” laminated (to reduce splitting) posts.

  • 2” x 6” floor joists 16” on center or less.

  • Standard wind rating 90mph. (Optional up to 170mph.)

  • Standard snow-load rating 45 pounds per square foot. (Optional up to 70.)

  • Check with your local municipality on permitting requirements.

  • See wood gazebos and vinyl gazebos pages for additional specifications unique to those products.

  • Octagon, Rectangle, Square, and Oval shapes.

  • Sizes from 8’ to 30’ and everywhere in between in 2’ increments.

Gazebo Kits Benefits

  • A gazebo is a great way to decorate your garden, and one of the most affordable ways to create an outdoor living room with protection from the sun and rain, and even bugs if you so desire.

  • Our gazebo designs are organized so you can pick from among a menu of popular functional and decorative options to create an outdoor oasis that is uniquely yours.

  • You may see claims of “Lowest Price Guaranteed.” Make sure you get a price quote from

    American Landscape Structures and compare bottom lines. And no one beats our quality.

    We ship gazebo kits nationwide from California to Florida to Maine. No matter what the wind, snow or seismic load, there isn’t anything we haven’t run into. Each of our gazebos is made to order choosing from our wide array of options. You can pick and choose to make your gazebo your own.