Our Commercial Portfolio

We have a number of commercial projects in our portfolio including two pavilions at the New Meadowlands Racetrack next to Giants stadium. Schools, residential builders, municipalities and churches have worked with us on large pavilions and gazebos.

Our Materials

If beauty, quality and durability are primary goals, then we are certainly worth considering. There are certainly cheaper ways to build outdoor structures than the way we do it. We use CLEAR grade premium #1 KDAT Southern Yellow Pine that is nothing like the #2 wet pressure treated lumber most builders use. The vinyl we use is extremely durable and has been in the field for many years. It won’t crack, yellow or peel. If you’re looking for the least expensive structure, we probably aren’t going to be a fit. But we won’t be the highest either.

Architect Drawings or not

If you have architect drawings, we can provide you with pricing within a few days as long as there is sufficient detail. If you decide to go with us, we will convert those to fully engineered drawings including construction details. If your project calls for a pavilion or gazebo but isn’t design specific, often our standard product line structures are suitable.


Depending on your needs, we can get you a hard number in a matter of days. If it’s something in our standard product line, it can be hours.


We no longer do builder contracts because they are crafted by and heavily favor the author. Our specific terms depend on the project cost but usually involve 25 to 50% down. 100% payment is due upon completion. We do make exceptions for organizations with more bureaucratic check processing but still ask we get paid in the next check run.

Fully engineered drawings take as long a 5 weeks. Construction lead times are approximately 6 weeks from the time you have your permit, so make sure to plan far enough in advance to get your permit and hit your deadline.